tesla model s fuse

How to replace a fuse in a Tesla Model S

If you’ve noticed that the 12v outlet in your Tesla is no longer providing power, it could be due to a blown fuse.  This can happen when cheaply made or older accessories are plugged into the 12v outlet and try to draw more power than the car can safely provide.  Luckily, replacing a fuse is cheap and easy once you know where to find your fusebox.

Part required: 15A fuse

  • Open the hood (frunk)
  • Remove the access cover directly in front of the windshield.  This can be done by pulling the four plastic clips hidden in the groove between the windshield and the cover towards you and upwards. The cover will lift out of place.
  • Open the fusebox on the left (number 2 in the photo below) by pressing in the tabs on either side and lifting off the cover.   tesla fuse location
  • There should be a diagram shown inside the fusebox cover.  You’ll want to pull out fuse F35
  • You should be able to see a break in the wire through the plastic of the fuse.  Now take your new fuse and insert it where the old one was.
  • Now would be a good time to check if the outlet is working inside the car.
  • If it’s back to working replace the fusebox cover by pressing down and snapping it back into place.
  • Slide the access cover back where it was and snap the four plastic tabs back by pressing them in place.