Tesla model X sunshade

How to install the Sunshade in a Model X

One of the things that stands out on the Tesla Model X is the massive panoramic windshield, which extends far beyond the rear view mirror to the roof of the car.  This 31 square feet of glass offers unobstructed views for passengers, but in exchange for one problem.  The sun.  All that extra glass can really start to heat things up in the car, as well as blinding the driver later in the day.  Fortunately, Tesla offers a solution in their “Sunshade” made specifically for the Model X.

The Sunshade is made of see-through mesh material with a rigid frame that allows it to fold up into a storage bag.  Designed for the upper two thirds of the windshield, the Sunshade cuts down the heat and light entering the cabin without obstructing the driver’s view.

  1. Unzip the pouch and remove the Sunshade, which should pop out to its full size.
  2. Included are two small clips that secure the Sunshade to the headliner.  Holding the Sunshade with the flat edge up, attach the clips to each end with the taller side further from you.  
  3. Take the clipped side of the Sunshade and press the clips into the small gap between the headliner and the windshield.
  4. Place the other end with the cutout around the rear view mirror.

Storing the Sunshade

When expanded it may seem unwieldy, but storing the shade should be a cinch.  Lift up the end near the mirror and pull the clipped end out.  Remove the Sunshade from the vehicle and put the small clips back in the bag.  Then take each end of the shade and pull them towards each other, twisting as you go.  The Sunshade should fit back inside the included pouch.

tesla key fob

How to replace the battery in a Tesla key fob

If you’ve noticed a “Key battery needs replacing” message on your dash  don’t worry, your car battery is fine.  What that means is that it’s time to replace the small battery inside the key fob.  Luckily, it’s a simple fix and should only take a few minutes.  The process is slightly different between the Model S and X fobs, so first we’ll go over the Model S.

Parts needed:

To open the battery cover, push against the small notch in the middle of the fob next to the S until the cover releases.

Then pry out the battery, noting the orientation of the “+” and “-“.

Insert the new 3v battery and slide the cover back until it snaps into place.

For the Model X:

Parts needed:

Using the paperclip or a pen, find the small notch on the “X” side of the fob and press into the notch.  This will release the cover.

Once the battery is exposed pry out the old battery noting which way the positive end is facing.

Replace the battery and reinsert the cover by lining up the “Model” side, then pressing the “X” side into place until it clicks.

The last step is clear the alert message from the dash.  Simply take both key fobs with you into the driver’s seat and the alert should disappear.