tesla model s fuse

How to replace a fuse in a Tesla Model S

If you’ve noticed that the 12v outlet in your Tesla is no longer providing power, it could be due to a blown fuse.  This can happen when cheaply made or older accessories are plugged into the 12v outlet and try to draw more power than the car can safely provide.  Luckily, replacing a fuse is cheap and easy once you know where to find your fusebox.

Part required: 15A fuse

  • Open the hood (frunk)
  • Remove the access cover directly in front of the windshield.  This can be done by pulling the four plastic clips hidden in the groove between the windshield and the cover towards you and upwards. The cover will lift out of place.
  • Open the fusebox on the left (number 2 in the photo below) by pressing in the tabs on either side and lifting off the cover.   tesla fuse location
  • There should be a diagram shown inside the fusebox cover.  You’ll want to pull out fuse F35
  • You should be able to see a break in the wire through the plastic of the fuse.  Now take your new fuse and insert it where the old one was.
  • Now would be a good time to check if the outlet is working inside the car.
  • If it’s back to working replace the fusebox cover by pressing down and snapping it back into place.
  • Slide the access cover back where it was and snap the four plastic tabs back by pressing them in place.
tesla windshield washer fluid

How to top up the washer fluid in a Tesla Model S

Teslas famously require little maintenance, but even they are not an exception when it comes to topping up your washer fluid.  If you’ve received a “Windshield Washer Fluid Low” message on your dash, or notice very little fluid coming from the dispensers, the steps below will show how to add more washer fluid.

  • Open the hood (frunk) and locate the blue fluid receptacle on the right side near the windshield.
  • Open the cap and pour the washer fluid in using either the spout on the container, or a funnel.
  • Stop when the fluid level is visible just below the filler neck and replace the cap.

As for what fluid to use, we recommend Rain-X All-Season windshield washer fluid.

tesla key fob

How to replace the battery in a Tesla key fob

If you’ve noticed a “Key battery needs replacing” message on your dash  don’t worry, your car battery is fine.  What that means is that it’s time to replace the small battery inside the key fob.  Luckily, it’s a simple fix and should only take a few minutes.  The process is slightly different between the Model S and X fobs, so first we’ll go over the Model S.

Parts needed:

To open the battery cover, push against the small notch in the middle of the fob next to the S until the cover releases.

Then pry out the battery, noting the orientation of the “+” and “-“.

Insert the new 3v battery and slide the cover back until it snaps into place.

For the Model X:

Parts needed:

Using the paperclip or a pen, find the small notch on the “X” side of the fob and press into the notch.  This will release the cover.

Once the battery is exposed pry out the old battery noting which way the positive end is facing.

Replace the battery and reinsert the cover by lining up the “Model” side, then pressing the “X” side into place until it clicks.

The last step is clear the alert message from the dash.  Simply take both key fobs with you into the driver’s seat and the alert should disappear.

tesla model s door handle won't present

How to fix Model S doors that won’t open

If you’re having trouble opening the doors on your Model S, it may be the handles that are the problem.  The handles present normally but pulling on them does nothing.  The only way to open the door is with the interior handle.

If this sounds familiar you likely have a broken microswitch inside the door.  Repeated opening and closing of the door can grind away at a wire inside, eventually severing the wire and causing the handle to no longer function correctly.  Luckily, the problem can solved at home with no more than a new $5 microswitch.

The video below explains at length how to access the handle components and replace the faulty switch.