How to top up the washer fluid in a Tesla Model S

tesla windshield washer fluid

Teslas famously require little maintenance, but even they are not an exception when it comes to topping up your washer fluid. ┬áIf you’ve received a “Windshield Washer Fluid Low” message on your dash, or notice very little fluid coming from the dispensers, the steps below will show how to add more washer fluid.

  • Open the hood (frunk) and locate the blue fluid receptacle on the right side near the windshield.
  • Open the cap and pour the washer fluid in using either the spout on the container, or a funnel.
  • Stop when the fluid level is visible just below the filler neck and replace the cap.

As for what fluid to use, we recommend Rain-X All-Season windshield washer fluid.

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